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Students learn best in a psychologically safe, mistake-friendly environment. We all make mistakes. How teachers respond has everything to do with whether or not their students feel valued as human beings. We are responsible for creating a psychologically safe classroom. In all possible situations, we should seek to uphold the dignity of the student. Even when disciplinary action is necessary, it should be handled in a dignified way.

"Give the kid a Pencil" Chad Donahue

The article as a whole was focused taking away the public shaming that students encounter when they come to class without a pencil. A lot of teachers do this when students aren’t prepared, I’ve seen teachers ask for collateral, make students sign them out etc… 

On the other hand this teacher literally tells his students “There will always be a pencil here for you. Don’t ever worry about asking me for a pencil. I have hundreds of them.”

The little things that treat students with dignity make a big difference

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I failed a math class in high school because my teacher would take huge amounts of points (I can’t remember exactly how many, but it was at least 10 or 15) off any assignment - even tests - if you used a pen instead of a pencil. Same guy would outwardly shame you if you asked a “”“stupid”“” question - like he’d be like, “You should already know this,” and make fun of you. And I’m already bad at math/have math anxiety. Needless to say I did not feel safe/encouraged to learn.

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I got a Saturday school detention once for forgetting the book we were reading in class. Needless to say I kinda started hating English class a whole lot after that.

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